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Honors, Awards & Donations « Flumes and Trails

Honors, Awards & Donations

“The Lion Award”

The Flumes and Trails of Paradise was cited by Heather Lyon, of Lyon Books in Chico, as their Best-Selling Book for 2013 at their annual Local Authors Open House.  “You even outsold Angelina Jolie,” she joked.  We, of course, are absolutely thrilled by this honor and have only you, our gentle readers, to thank!

And then, to top that off, we came in as the #2 best-seller for 2014, which resulted in the only slightly less-coveted “Giraffe Award.” (Heather told us that it’s absolutely unprecedented for a local book to do that well for so long! If Lyon Books were still in business we might have ended up with an entire menagerie, as the book continues to be a local best-seller!)

“Man and Woman of the Year”

Largely because of the book, we were selected as the 2014 Man and Woman of the Year by the Paradise Elks Lodge No. 2026.  The Flumes and Trails of Paradise was recognized, via this honor, as a true “gift to the community” as well as to the students of Butte College through the scholarships funded by the proceeds.  We feel so incredibly honored and humbled by this recognition.

Ongoing Donations to Butte College Foundation

Speaking of “awards,” we are pleased to note that thus far, we have been able to award over $38,000 to the Butte College Foundation from the book proceeds ($21,000 to date!) as well as other contributions from us and a few others, including the proceeds from some ancient coins that the College de-accessioned via auction through Roger.  The accumulated interest will be used to fund one or more scholarships in perpetuity for members of the College’s Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.  Recipients are recognized for their academic performance, community service and demonstrated leadership.  So thank you one and all for helping us to make these ongoing scholarships possible!

Donation to the Paradise Performing Arts Center

In January of 2014, we were also pleased to present a check to the PPAC for $1,000 in support of their “500 for Paradise” push to pay off the mortgage on our marvelous local performing arts center.  While we had initially intended for ALL the proceeds from the book to go to the above scholarship fund at the college, the book has done so well that we felt justified diverting a small portion to this worthy local cause, as well. Future donations will be shared among the Butte College Foundation and other local charities (see below).

Donation to the Upper Ridge Trails Alliance, P.P.O.A.

In June of 2014 we were honored to help build the new bridge mentioned on page 192.  Through a cash donation of $100, together with a portion of the proceeds of all books sold via Wade Killingsworth, we were able to provide the bulk of the funding necessary for the materials that went into this marvelous and much-needed bridge, which has since been named the “F & T” (“Flumes & Trails”) Bridge. Ongoing sales of our books via Wade continue to add revenues to be used to maintain trails and build other bridges.  So thank you once again to all our loyal readers!  YOUR money spent on our book has helped each of the above worthy causes!

Other Donations

In addition to the above, we have made donations from book sales to other (primarily local) causes and charities, including the Torres Shelter, Feeding Nations Through Education, California Pioneer Heritage Foundation, North Valley Community Foundation, Gold Nugget Museum, SHOR, Blackberry Creek Farm Animal Sanctuary, International Rescue Committee, Alex Volzer’s Butte College Phi Theta Kappa Nigerian medical waste incinerator project,  Butte County Search & Rescue, Paradise Boys and Girls Club, Watters/Houx Children’s Fund, Paradise Meals on Wheels, North Valley Animal Disaster Group, as well as to several local citizens in need, thus far in excess of of $5,500. Now that the two of us are volunteering as re-enactors with the California Living History Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, working with local schools to teach children about early California pioneers, book proceeds have also been used to defray the cost of our period-appropriate clothing and related expenses. Readers will also be pleased to know that over $400 went to purchase spray paint in various colors which we used to eradicate the blight of graffiti along the Miocene Canal in particular. (You are welcome, PG&E!). Update: Regrettably, we received a certified letter from PG&E dated July 20, 2017 through which we were requested to discontinue use of the flumes for recreation and graffiti maintenance. That letter can be found in its entirety on our FaceBook page. To the extent that we no longer remove graffiti from PG&E equipment, the public will inevitably be assaulted by a proliferation of often sexist, homophobic, obscene and gang-related sentiments (along with the usual juvenile “John loves Mary”) should they opt to walk along the flume trails. Unfortunately, it is clear that PG&E does not see removal of such graffiti as a priority, as they seldom do it themselves and have now asked us to stop. While we appreciate their concerns for public safety and corporate liability we believe they have taken things too far and hope they will soon find a way to protect themselves while being more welcoming to their customers, who have enjoyed access to their right-of-ways for the past 100 years.